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Current Vacancies

Team Lead, Information Technology

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Maintain / upgrade Network Infrastructure – Wired/Wireless.
  • Maintain / upgrade Microsoft AD Servers, Exchange Servers (Email and distribution list), Web Hosting and Fileserver.
  • Maintain / Improve Office Automation process i.e. Data workflow and Document workflow.
  • Maintain / Troubleshoot Client/End User Software (Office applications).
  • Maintain Multifunctional Copier / Printer / Scanner / Fax.
  • Maintain / Troubleshoot Workstations PCs / NBs / Macs.
  • Maintain PC systems for Sanctuaries / Hall for Services.
  • Manage Church Database System.
  • Implementation of Online Collaboration System.


Secondary duties

  • Support AGM and Church wide events and services.
  • Support ad hoc activities and events assigned by Head of Church Ops.


Our Requirements

  • Degree in Computer Sc. Mgt.
  • At least 5 years of working experience in IT.
  • Good management, communications and inter personal skills.
  • Good planning and organizing skills.
  • Able to work well in a team as well as independently and under tight timelines.

CVs with supporting documents and relevant referees should be sent to:

Group Administrator - Church Operations Group


Objectives of Position

  • Support Church Operations in managing group-level administrative work in support of church operations.


Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Support general administration of SJSM Village integration and operations.
  • Support general administration of church AGM.
  • Support general administration of events.
  • Manage content on the staff intranet system to ensure accuracy.
  • Manage and coordinate requests for the use of space by external organizations and village entities.
  • Support HR function in the following areas: onboarding of new hires; filing of MOM surveys; administer staff benefits (insurance claims, leave processing, long service awards, etc); assist in staff training processing and filing for grants; provide support on use of HRMS; and processing of payroll, CPF, IRAS and other regulatory contributions.


Secondary duties

  • Manage and support other HR administration.
  • Manage staff fund accounts.
  • Perform other group-level administrative duties as assigned by the supervisor.

Our Requirements

  • Minimum 3 yrs working experience as an administrator.
  • Good organizing and execution skills.
  • Good teamwork and interpersonal skills.
  • Familiar with processing payroll using PayDay an advantage
  • Good knowledge of MOM labour requirements
  • Good working knowledge of MS office such as word document, excel spreadsheet and powerpoint.


CVs with supporting documents and relevant referees should be sent to:

Associate Chaplain (Part Time)


Objectives of Position

To support the Chaplain (Team Lead) in managing, sustaining, and growing a specific

ministry of the parish - Nursing Home, Day Activity Centre, Childcare Centre, and its

members in alignment with the calling of the parish’s mission and vision.

Primary duties and responsibilities


  • Assist the Chaplain, (team lead) in managing and growing the assigned ministry within

         the group and its and Befrienders, in fulfilling the mission and vision of the parish.

  • Uphold the ethics of the Ministry, and core values of respect, justice, compassion,

         stewardship, and excellence to customers, employees, and visitors.

  • Maintain confidentiality of data and communication with the exception of escalation to the

         Chaplain (Team Lead), and respect to all ward of all centres.

  • Work alongside with other care staff to provide spiritual ministry as part of the holistic care

         in the centres.

  • Identifying pastoral needs of the residents/clients and mobilise staff, Befrienders to

         implement appropriate initiatives and actions at the individual, family and interest levels;

         in achieving overall goal of meeting felt needs of the community.

  • Enhance professional growth and development through participation in educational

         programs, current literature, in service meetings, and workshops.

  • Assist the Chaplain in managing the allocated team budget and Befrienders in the

         running of the ministry.

  • Support the administrative work of the team.
  • Carry out any other responsibilities assigned by the Chaplain related to the work in the centre.


Secondary duties and responsibilities

  • Attend meetings as required.
  • Be a welcoming host to any visitor(s) to the church during daily service.


Our Requirements

  • Minimum Diploma in any discipline.
  • Minimum 3 years of church ministry experience.
  • Completed relevant pastoral ministry courses.
  • Completed minimum 1 unit CPE programme, DOS.
  • Good team worker.
  • Good organising, communication, and administrative skills.
  • Good working knowledge of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


CV with supporting documents and relevant referees should be sent to:

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