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Vincent’s story: Nothing can stand against God’s transforming love

My Story, His Story | Dec 2023

Disturbed Childhood

Dark shadows. Dark figures. These paranormal presence disturbed Vincent when he was growing up.


“My father, aunty and uncle were mediums. My father had little time for me. So living with an absent father was disturbing for me. My old house had Buddha statues & ancestor tablets. I had nightmares every night. I also saw visions of dark figures in the house.”


When Vincent turned 5 years old. his parents got divorced and his family fell apart. The sense of helplessness, hopelessness and darkness was overwhelming. He was devastated.


“We became financially poorer than before the divorce; our dad stopped contributing to the household income. Soon our relatives looked down on us. They treated us badly. When we asked for their help, they gave us leftover food. This went on for 8 years.


After the divorce, my mum had to struggle to hold on to two jobs a day. She hardly had time for me and my siblings. Because my parents were hardly there for me, I became rebellious and playful. Although my mum continued to shower her love on me, and my sisters tried to discipline me, these did not change me. I realised that I became agitated easily and disrespected my family, especially my mum. I was unable to control my pent-up emotions and got myself into bad company. Eventually, I succumbed to loan sharks harassment.”


A deep well with no escape

When it all felt like he was in a deep well with no escape, Vincent cried out to God. He had heard of God in his younger days. He recalled, “When I was 5 years old, my older sister shared the Gospel with me. I was too young to understand or know God in a personal way. But my sister would bring me to a church. I learnt some things about God that had stayed in the deepest recesses of my heart.”


Out of his desperation and hopelessness, he cried out to God.


“One day in my cries to God, I think I heard Him telling me:
 Be still and know that I am God in control. I began to learn to praise Him and worship Him before I go to bed. And I heard God say to me:  Follow me and I will lead you. God graciously gave me different songs in different seasons of my life, to lift me up and encourage me. He delivered me from bullies at my work place and a possible jail term.”


God’s transforming love

These and many more episodes of deliverances were simply too marvellous for Vincent to recount. But it was nothing compared to the love and transformation that God offered to him. God gave him a love he did not have toward his mum and siblings. His siblings testified that the Vincent who did not give a single ounce of respect to his mum and siblings, is now someone who holds them close to his heart and in his prayers.









“God gave me the boldness and opportunities to share the Gospel with my mum. Today, I am happy that my mum is now a believer.


God has restored my life. I am now married and have a great respect for my mother. I used to detest household chores, including cooking, but the love that I have experienced from my relationship with God has drastically changed my attitude towards people and life. I am now able to attend to these mundane household chores responsibly. And I grew to be bold in witnessing for God and caring for others and God’s environment.”


God has healed and restored Vincent. He has fulfilled His promise: “God sets the lonely in families. He leads out the prisoners with singing.” (Ps 68:6).


Many years have passed. Vincent is now 50 years old and happily married to a godly wife who is actively serving God in the Church’s music ministry. When he and family members look back at his life, they can hardly imagine the person Vincent has become today. Truly, nothing can stand against God’s transforming love! His comfort continues to be with Vincent as he faces daily struggles and troubles living a victorious life in Christ.

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