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Mabel’s Story – "I am at peace and ready to go home to Him whenever He calls me"

Mabel Lim’s story and experiencing God’s grace and mercy

My Story, His Story | October 2020

I was diagnosed with cancer in 2017.


When the doctor removed a lump from my body, the doctor thought it would be 99.9% benign. But after the biopsy, the doctor was shocked. In his 25 years of practice, he had only come across one other case. The biopsy confirmed that I was suffering from angiosarcoma, an extremely rare form of blood vessel cancer with no known treatment.


A difficult journey

The diagnosis was difficult on my family – the fear, anxiety, disappointment and anger – as we were informed that I, at age 49, had at most five more years to live. On average, angiosarcoma patients succumbed within 1 to 2 years.








I cried buckets and suffered tremendous stress. It was hard to understand why God would be so cruel to inflict such a disease on me. My daughter just started attending secondary school, and my husband and I were looking forward to slowing down at work and spending more time enjoying life together.






I was not even 50 but suddenly there were many things I could not accomplish. Just prior to the diagnosis, I made a commitment to read the Bible diligently and serve as an usher in church. But I could not follow through on those commitments. Through the encouragement of a cell member, I was still able to join the hospitality ministry and serve as an usher for about six months before I fractured my pelvis.









The cancer had spread to my bones.

My life was centred on chemotherapy

and I was suffering from side effects.

I lost my social life and felt very lonely.

Although many people were praying for me, and there were several miracles, I never saw God's hand.


The lowest point

In late September 2020, the cancer badly affected my liver and I suffered excruciating pain. I started to bleed internally.


On 9 October 2020, I had lost so much blood that I was on the brink of death. In a last ditch attempt to save my life, doctors carried out an emergency procedure. One of the doctors later told me that I had stopped breathing during the procedure but they managed to resuscitate me.


I was in tremendous discomfort. I was plugged to several tubes, a catheter and a painkiller device.


I cried for two days, upset with God for not taking me home and relieving me of my suffering.


Realisation of God’s promises

On 12 October 2020, amid the pain and discomfort, I suddenly remembered that I earlier asked God to preserve my life until daughter's O-Level exams was over in mid-November. I realised that God had honoured my request by extending my life!


I began to confess my ingratitude and repent before Him. As I did so, God opened my eyes and showed me how He has been carrying and helping me through the last 3.5 years.





I saw how God had led my husband and me to a relationship with Him, and settled us into a very loving cell group in SJSM in 2013. My cellmates have been journeying with and encouraging me since my diagnosis. My husband and I believe that we would not have come this far if we had not known God at the time of diagnosis.









I experienced firsthand God’s supernatural deliverance from a frightening experience. One morning in September 2020, the pain was so bad that I could neither lie down nor sit up. I had reached my quota of painkillers for the day, so I had to keep standing to cope with the pain. However, the lower half of my body was numb from radiation therapy and I could not feel my feet on the floor! When my cellmates heard this, they prayed with me. The pain eased up and I was able to get through the day.


My brother recently told me that when I fractured my pelvis in May 2019, my oncologist told my family to prepare for the worst. But I recovered and was well enough to make a few overseas trips with my family members in the following months! I initially credited my ability to travel to chemotherapy, but I now know that it was actually by the grace of God.









Surrendering to God

Following my resuscitation, my doctor and I had several discussions about my condition. He estimated that with chemotherapy, I could last several weeks.


I decided to stop all chemotherapy and leave my life in the hands of Jesus. I did not see the point of prolonging my suffering by another few weeks.


Miraculously, my condition

got better. Three days after I

surrendered my remaining

days to God, I was well

enough for all the tubes and

catheter to be removed from

my body. I even got to take a few days of home leave. I have been feeling stronger every day with less medication!


God's grace and mercy

One of my cellmates was recently led to ask me, "What would you do with the rest of your life if you were to recover completely?"


The answer came easily: I want to spend my days serving God through volunteering at SJSM Village. That would be a great opportunity for me to share my testimony, because I am a living example of God's grace and mercy.











Through my experience, my family's faith has multiplied. My close friends and cellmates have also been able to witness God at work in me. I hope that God will continue to use me to show more people how great and mighty He is. I feel so honoured to be used by Him!


I do not know how much longer I have to live. But what is most important is that I have experienced the miracle of God's grace and mercy and how much He loves me.


I am at peace and ready to go home to Him whenever He calls me. I have no more fear.


Mabel shared this testimony in October 2020. She was called home to be with her Lord on 28 Nov 2020.



Edited by Rachel Yip

“God opened my eyes and showed me how  He has been carrying and helping me”

“It was hard to understand why God would be so cruel to inflict such a disease on me”

“I want to spend my days serving God… I am a living example of God’s grace and mercy”

Ushering at Saturday Evening Service in September 2018

Ps Joshua praying over Mabel just before her procedure on 9 Oct 2020

With cell members at her confirmation in January 2020

Fellowship before a cell meeting in August 2020

With family members in Japan in August 2019

With husband Dickson in Taiwan in March 2020

On home leave, spending time with her poodle, Coco, on 19 Oct 20

On home leave, enjoying a leisurely lunch with some cell mates on 20 Oct 20

With some cell members soon after the diagnosis in May 2017

With family and cell leaders at GDOP in July 2015

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