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Arlyn Rector’s Story -

Answering God’s call

My Story, His Story | Nov 2023

I was brought up in a devout Roman Catholic family. We would observe the 3pm and 6pm daily prayers. I kept this spiritual discipline when I came to Singapore in 2013. I left my family of six siblings in La Castellana, Negros Occidental, Philippines and came to work with a godly family in Singapore. I felt comforted by this Singapore family each time I think about my family back home.


God spoke

One day in 2013, God spoke to me in my dream. He gave me a vision of myself with many children in my house in the Philippines. The dream came repeatedly to me in my sleep. Perhaps God was getting my attention on something very important to Him but I did not understand it. So I kept it a secret but remembered it in my daily prayers.


My faith in Jesus grew

By then I had started attending SJSM Filipino service. I joined the second batch of our Filippino Discipleship Equipping under the Calvary Bible Institute from 2015-2017. I grew in my faith in Jesus Christ and was eventually baptised in 2017.


I consulted my pastor about my vision and we discerned that God was calling me to start a children’s ministry in my hometown. I was also excited at the possibility of God using me as a bridge to my family to know God’s love through Jesus Christ.


Many questions popped in my head - how is this possible since I have to work in Singapore? Who will pastor the children? How am I to start a children’s ministry? However, my conviction of God’s calling grew stronger and it silenced these nagging questions. I became more certain that this was indeed God’s call and not a figment of my imagination.


When I went on home leave in 2017, I shared it with my parents. They were pleased to hear God’s call for me.  I also learnt that some of my cousins are believers of Jesus and serving in their churches.  I learnt that my uncle had been a pastor for fifteen years and had been ministering to our village folks from time to time.


“Could he be the one to pastor the children’s church?” I wondered. When I spoke with him, he affirmed my calling and agreed to pastor the children’s church. I grew more excited and collaborated with my youth cousins to join as helpers in the ministry.








We started with ten children in the first week.  Gradually, news spread and more children and adults gathered at my place. My mum and sister helped to prepare for the weekly refreshments. The number of adult helpers gradually grew.  And they too had a chance to hear the gospel messages weekly.







Back in Singapore, I shared with my pastor and she encouraged me to bring along my Discipleship Group to pray regularly for the children’s church and to raise funds for their yearly Christmas Celebration.  Yearly, we would send toys and stuff as Christmas gifts to the children.


Miraculous acts of God

Then God confirmed his

goodness to us through two

miraculous acts. In 2017, a fire

suddenly broke out at my

aunty’s house which

is near the children’s church.

But the fire did not burn our house; God PROTECTED it!


In 2022, when the typhoon Odeth swept past Negros provinces, a number of houses in my province were damaged but NOT our house!


These miracles greatly encouraged us to press on with the work in the children’s church!


Today, there are 40 children and 5 adults gathering weekly at the children’s church. My parents have also come to faith in Jesus Christ. They were baptised in June 2020.








God is good! When we obeyed Him one step at a time, He readily supplied all resources to start and sustain the children’s church. I also give all glory to Him for allowing me and my Christian friends to be His instruments to bless and nurture the young generation in my village.



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