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Angeline’s Story:

Is your home a harvest field?

My Story, His Story | May 2022

In March 1994, during the bereavement of my mother-in-law, prompted by a longing, I prayed to the LORD. I asked to be a good grandmother to my own grandchildren. In response to my prayer, I sensed GOD spoke these words from Psalm 128 verse 6 “May you see your children’s children.” I was then barely 40 years old. My son was 15 years old and my daughter 13. How could I freely share such a promise with people around me?












I ‘gently reminded’ the LORD

Upon their graduation, my son was the first to get married. Two years later, my daughter got married and one year later, she gave me my first grandchild. During her pregnancy, I ‘gently reminded’ the LORD in prayer : “LORD, Your Word says that I would see my children’s children. LORD, You do know that I have two children. This means that I will have grandchildren from my son as well, right?”


Six months after the birth of my granddaughter, my first paternal grandson arrived. Eventually, by Nov 2014, the LORD has blessed me with 5 grandchildren - 3 from my son and 2 from my daughter. Today, they are between 8 to 14 years old. I am so grateful to the LORD; He is so faithful and a Promise-Keeper.











No one taught me how to be a grandparent and I simply assume this task as an extension of having the experience of being a mother earlier in life.


To begin with, there is clearly the age gap and therefore extra efforts are needed to relate to these grandchildren at different stages of their growth.


I have to catch up with them on technology, and to correct them with good manners and positive attitudes. When they are rude to us or our helpers, they need to be corrected on their bad attitudes and bad manners. I have to be often reminded by the Lord, to be patient and to be forgiving just as He has forgiven me and been so patient with me. Once I gain their trust and confidence, and when they do open up, I would seize every opportunity to counsel them accordingly.


Praise GOD that He has turned our home

into a harvest field

Through it all, by GOD’s grace, my husband and I were given many good bonding times with our grandchildren. I praise GOD that He has led us to be a bridge leading them on to the side of the LORD. My Sunday School teacher’s training was not put to waste; GOD eventually enabled me to lead every grandchild to Christ at different times of their lives. I feel so blessed that the LORD would answer my heart’s cry and blessed me and my husband with a vibrant relationship with our grandchildren. Praise GOD that He has turned our home into a harvest field.




















My prayer is that from generation to generation, my children and children’s children, your children and their children’s children will continue to abide by GOD’s timeless truths in Psalm 78:4 “We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the LORD, about His power and His mighty wonders.”


When we make our children and grandchildren disciples for Christ with GOD-fearing and Christ-like virtues, how big can this harvest field be? I can only imagine but really, that’s for GOD to decide. As for me and my husband, we would not shun away from being more involved in the lives of our children and grandchildren.


And let’s pray that our home and your home will continue to be the most ideal place to lead many, young and old, to Christ. This is what we want to leave behind – an eternal and best legacy for our children and children’s children


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