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Role of the

Parochial Church Council (PCC)

The PCC shall assist the Vicar in the initiation, conduct, and development of the work of the Church. In particular, the PCC shall support the clergy and staff in building up the congregation to be a Christ-centred, Spirit-filled community reaching out to others with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The PCC aims at good stewardship and development of all the resources, both human and material, that God gives to us.


Those elected to serve on the PCC must be men and women who are committed to Christ and the work of the Lord at SJSM and can give the necessary time and energy to this. Each member of the PCC should be well integrated into the body-life of the Church and have responsibilities in a specific ministry area.


While the People’s Warden is elected, the Vicar’s Warden is appointed by the Vicar. The Wardens represent the Church on official occasions. They are the Senior Lay Leaders of SJSM. Together with the Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary and members of the Vicar’s Office, they are the Office-Bearers of the PCC.


The Synod representatives attend Synod meetings of the Diocese on behalf of SJSM, and form part of the House of Laity within the Synod. (The Clergy of this parish form part of the House of Clergy within the Synod.) Each Session of Synod lasts 3 years, and a new Sessions begins in 2023. Synod reps are automatically included in PCC, whether or not they hold concurrent roles as Office-Bearers (eg. Warden, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer).


Vicar’s Warden: Prof John Lim

People’s Warden: Mr Daren Ng

Honorary Secretary: Mr Andrew Khaw

Honorary Treasurer: Mr Yap Chuen Kong


Synod Representatives:

1.  Mr Larry Choi

2.  Ms Chee Su Eing

3.  Mr Ian Lim

Council Members:

1. Mr Kok Chee Chun

2. Mr Leo June Kit

3. Mr Phoon Chee Meng

4. Ms Charis Tan

5. Mr Wong Kin Nyen

6. Mr Michael Wong

7. Mr Bradley Yam



Chinese FDC Representative:

1.  Mr Yee Choon Seng

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               30 Dover Avenue, Singapore 139790

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