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David’s Story – Jesus shows a handyman the Kingdom of God

My Story, His Story | July 2020

When William, the handyman engaged to fix the electrical problems with my garage gate showed up at my house, I thought that he might be having some issues with his legs, as he was walking with a particular gait.


As he was packing up his tools after completing his job, I took the opportunity to ask if he had any problems with his legs. He replied that he had been suffering from pain in his knees for a long time. I asked him if he would like to be healed, and he answered, “How?” likely expecting that I would be offering some medical advice or medication.


God answered prayers

I sat him in a chair and explained that I would be praying in Jesus name for healing in his knees. I told him that Jesus is God and would show it to him through the healing. I then prayed a simple prayer in Jesus name for the pain to go and the knees to be made new. After that, I asked him to try walking around. He did, and told me that the pain was slightly gone. I had William sit down again and prayed the same prayer over him for a second time, then got him to walk again. This time, he said the pain had left completely. He was even able to stoop down without any pain! However I noticed that he was still walking with a slight gait even though his knees were well. Seating him back in the chair again, I lifted his legs, stretched them out, held his feet together, and noticed that the left leg was slightly shorter than the right. I prayed in Jesus name, for his left leg to grow out, and God answered my prayer - both legs became the same length! William then told me that he had felt an unusual sensation in his left leg when I was praying. I asked him to take another walk around, and this time, he said he felt good!


Having experienced the powerful reality of God, William invited Jesus to be his Lord and Saviour on the spot, and heaven welcomed a new son of God. Isn’t Jesus wonderful? He’s still working with us to confirm His message with accompanying signs that the Kingdom of God is here!


William is now connected with a matured brother in Christ to follow up with him. We pray that the seed of the Word of God will continue to grow in William’s life so that he can testify to what the Lord has done. This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes!


God wants to use you

Are you surprised by the speed at which God answered our prayer for healing? Would it surprise you to know that God wants to use you in the same manner? In Mark 16:15-20, Jesus gives us His last commands and if you read it carefully, you will see that He tells “those who believe” - and that includes you - that He is with you, enabling you and wants to confirm His message through you. All He needs is for you to say, “Yes Lord, I want to be used by you. Holy Spirit, empower me.”






You can then step out in faith and simply love others by sharing His message, pointing them to Jesus and to what He has done for them. We serve a big God. He is great, and is waiting to make every believer, including yourself, a walking burning bush to bear witness of Jesus!

All He needs is for you to say,

“Yes Lord, I want to be used by

you. Holy Spirit, empower me.”

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