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My Story, His Story   |   Feb 2023

People know me as Aunty Lisa. I am 76 years old. For most of my

life, I have worked as a cleaner at residential homes. I also cleaned various rooms in churches. I was happy with my work. However, my life was filled with ups and downs. I have experienced troubled and difficult times until Jesus became the most important person in my life. And I finally experienced joy and found peace in my heart.










How Jesus reached out to me

My first exposure to Jesus Christ happened in 1985 when my sisters asked my husband to bring me to the Reinhardt Bonnke rally at the National Stadium. At the rally, I could not understand everything because the speaker spoke in English. He invited people who wanted to accept Jesus to step forward. Even though I did not fully understand, I felt convicted to respond. I stepped out and a lady asked me if I was a believer. That lady was Phyllis from SJSM. She prayed for me and took down my particulars. A week later, Phyllis called and invited me to another gospel gathering. I agreed and she picked me up.











The invited speaker was Rev Oh Beng Kee. I was so touched by his message and tears flowed down my cheek. That evening, I received Jesus Christ a second time. When Phyllis brought me to the reception hall after the message, I was surprised by the spread of food served to us – curry chicken, curry lamb and curry beef. I suddenly remembered

a vivid dream I had in 1984, before I met Jesus Christ. In that dream, I saw the same spread of food. I felt so loved by Jesus that He had reached out to me in my dream, even before I knew Him.












A defining moment at the hospital

I knew very little about the Christian faith, and my faith was shallow then. Even though I had regular Bible studies in English, my faith wavered and there was little progress in my knowledge of Jesus. I had allowed the worries of this world and cares of life to weigh me down.


My mum, who was suddenly ill and hospitalized, saw through my lackluster when I visited her at the hospital. She inquired, prayed and instructed me, “Do not let go of Jesus. Hold on to Him tightly no matter what happens. Only He can save your child.” It was a defining moment for me at the hospital. My spiritual eyes were opened. I obeyed my mum and never neglected my worship of God. I realized that God had used my mum to show me that Jesus is a good and true God.


I want to know Him and make Him known

Subsequently, the Lord Jesus had blessed and enabled me to pray for people. My sister would print Christian song sheets and prayers sheets for me to follow. Little by little, I taught myself to read, with occasional help from my sister. That was how I learnt Mandarin and Hokkien - through memorizing song lyrics and prayers, and using them for myself and others. I knew how to share the Gospel with them. I am very thankful to our God and Abba Father, for loving me and using me to

spread His good news. I want to know Jesus and make Him




(Nov 2021)

“….the Lord Jesus had blessed and enabled me to pray for people. My sister would print Christian song sheets and prayers sheets for me to follow.Little by little, I taught myself to read, with occasional help from my sister.”

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