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A strong foundation is essential for a strong marriage. SJSM is committed to helping couples who are looking at the possibility of marriage, or preparing for marriage, understand and build such a foundation. The Marriage Preparation Course (MPC) aims to do this by equipping couples with the tools and skills needed for a healthy and lasting marriage. This course is compulsory for members who intend to get married in and by SJSM.

Dates: 19 & 26 Aug; 2, 16, 23 & 30 Sep; 7 Oct  (7 Saturdays)

Times*: 9am–1pm (19 & 26 Aug); 9am–5pm (7 Oct)

Venue*: Bethel Auditorium on 19 & 26 Aug, and 7 Oct

Fee: $70 per person

Registration closes Tue, 11 Jul 2023


  *Timing/Venue for sessions 2-5 to be arranged with your MPC facilitators


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What is the MPC?

The course traces God’s plan for a fulfilling marriage, the fundamental roles expected of husband and wife, and deals with essential tools every marriage needs. Through videos, lectures, discussions and the use of a psychometric tool (PREPARE & ENRICH), you will be able to discuss, explore and practise these tools.


You will look at:

• Biblical Perspective of Marriage

• The Art of Communication

• Importance of Commitment

• Resolving Conflict

• Keeping Love Alive

• Sharing Goals and Values

• Financial Planning


The couple will also be required to serve in the SJSM Children’s Ministry for an approximate period of two (2) months during or after the MPC. This duty must be completed as part of the Marriage Preparation Process to prepare couples

for parenthood, even if parenthood is not something settled yet for a couple intending to be married.


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Who should attend?

The Marriage Preparation Course (MPC) is for you if you are a courting couple and would like to know more about each other before considering marriage. Couples should attend MPC before they make a decision to get married.


What couples say about MPC

“Very practical. Very objective. Very applicable. The content was relevant, not abstract, weaving biblical principles into the fabric of marriage life. It helped set the mental, emotional and spiritual orientation for the journey to come.”    — S & S


“ ... going for the MPC made us talk about different issues that affect our relationship, issues that we would otherwise not have discussed at such lengths.”      — P & A



All sessions of the MPC are compulsory for participants. The course will run with a minimum of four (4) couples, and priority is given to SJSM members.

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