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A Prayer Journey is a guided personal contemplation space, set aside for pilgrims, to progress unhurried through a series of guided installations. As they make their way through the installations, they are encouraged to linger and to contemplate, pray and listen. Pilgrims may take as much time as they want and / or go through the installations as many times as they want. It’s a very immersive powerful experience. And the Lord speaks in such a very personal way during this time.


SJSM has been hosting Prayer Journeys over the years since the 2000s. Some years ago, we even partially closed off the carpark under Christ Sanctuary, setting up airconditioning and transforming the space – building a garden and a tree. This year, we are doing something simpler in a new space. But we’re no less excited / looking forward to this. Even for us, though we are involved in the setting up, there’s still always something that just moves us - God still meets us all in a fresh way


The themes over the years have varied – for example for one year, we focused on the beatitudes. But inevitably, we are drawn in the season of Lent, to the powerful love story of Easter. Of Jesus’ great act of love and sacrifice. We remember, we examine ourselves, and we allow His love to continue to transform us for His glory and namesake. His love is what roots us, stirring and inspiring our hearts toward radical hospitality.


So dear SJSMer, do come. Tarry here with the Lord.


Shalom Hall is at the 6th floor of the Church Annex

Opening Times:

The prayer journey is accessible at Hall 3 of Shalom Hall,

from 9am to 9:30pm every day

except Mondays. It opens on

15 March at 5pm.


Admission is free.

Contact Information

Tel:          67770934 (24 hours)


Address:  St.John's-St.Margaret's Church

               30 Dover Avenue, Singapore 139790

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