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Coming up in September, look forward to film and photography-related activities right here in SJSM.


Aside from two film screenings on 2 and 9 September, we will also have a 3-day filmmaking course from 5–7 September, and a talk on visual storytelling on the evening of 6 September.


If you ever wanted to learn how to make films or use your camera better, don't miss it. The trainer is award-winning director and producer Donald Leow, who will be present at the screening of his latest film Once Upon a Time in Mongolia.


Click options below or scroll down for more details. We look forward to seeing you!


Film Screening

2 September (Saturday), 7:30pm

@ Shalom Hall, SJSM


About the Film

After her mom dies, Mya discovers an old photograph that sets her on a journey to find her long-lost father in the exotic deserts of Mongolia. Along the way, she saves a young widower’s daughter, and in gratitude, he (Bataa) and his grandfather agree to help her in the quest.


Their journey through the gorgeous countryside includes horse racing, archery and wrestling contests, debates about God, dead end leads and ultimately falling in love. There is one problem, however. Bataa has already been pledged to another woman in an arranged marriage.


Will Mya finally find her father? Will Bataa go through the arranged marriage? Can they possibly live happily ever after? All these questions are answered in the craziest wedding this side of the Great Wall of China.

Watch the trailer below.


Film Screening

9 September (Saturday), 7:00pm

@ Shalom Hall, SJSM


An Evening with Robert Glover

Guest of Honour is Member of Parliament, Ms Rachel Ong


About the Film

Bear Grylls narrates this documentary feature about China’s first generation of foster children. Now working in technology, finance, tourism, arts and sports, these young professionals reveal how they moved on from life in orphanages to achieve success and, in a series of touching reunions, their foster parents recall their battles to help them overcome prejudice and serious developmental difficulties. Bear tells the extraordinary story of  Robert Glover, who, together with his wife Elizabeth and their six young children, moved from the UK to China in 1998, and founded the charity Care For Children. This was the first joint venture social welfare project between the British and Chinese governments and it has placed almost a million Chinese orphans with families. Filmed in Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu, with unprecedented access to all levels of Chinese society, this is a powerful and inspiring testament to the power of international cooperation and human compassion.


This event is organised by Care for Children and supported by SJSM Church.

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