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Volunteering at SJSM Village

Our volunteers are valued members of the nursing home community bringing joy to the residents, families & staff. By signing up to volunteer with us, you will add value to our work with the residents of the nursing home. You will have the chance to make meaningful experiences to enrich the lives of the people around us. If you have an interest in any of the areas below, come join us!


Interest groups (aka Tribe) currently running:


The following Interest Groups are serving actively in SJSM Village:


  • Pastoral Befriending

    You will be  befriending residents of the nursing home, offering them a listening ear, providing companionship and showing them loving care and concern. As some residents do not frequently receive visitors, your smile and friendship will definitely brighten their day! Befriender training and support will be provided. To establish a closer & warm-hearted relationship between befriender and resident, we would especially appreciate  volunteers who can commit to monthly visits.

  • Physical Wellness

    You’ll be a member of our group to engage and encourage the residents to have fun and stay physically active. Although our exercises are not therapy sessions, as there are in-house physiotherapists conducting 1-on-1 sessions based on individual needs, our group plays a critical role encouraging group exercise & movement & community cheer. No prior experience is required - we seek a willing heart, warm smile & a positive attitude from our physical wellness volunteers!


    Exercise befrienders will:

    - Lead & encourage residents in fun exercises & sing-alongs while being guided by an exercise video

    - Introduce & organize simple games to develop eye, limb, hand & brain coordination


    Exercise sessions are conducted weekly on weekdays from 3-4PM. Each session will be helmed by 3 befrienders.


  • Art & Craft

    Better known as sensory art, our group encourages the use of the five senses while doing art & craft with the residents. We are not looking for perfect and experienced artists, in fact we are looking for passionate, patient and willing hearts to partner the residents during these art sessions. You will assist them while they decide how they want their “masterpiece” to be like. We were often surprised by the outcome of their art works and blessed by their satisfied smiles after each session. Do you have your 5 loaves and 2 fish and wonder what you can do with it? Step forward and give it to the Lord and He will make you a blessing. We look forward to having you with us.

  • Music & Movement

    We organize and engage residents in listening and moving to music to awaken the various muscle memories that would otherwise be forgotten Familiar songs of different languages and dialects, oldies from the 60s and 70s are played while the residents move their limbs and bodies to gentle and choreographed movements during a half-hour session. Musical percussion instruments, such as tambourines and shakers, are also incorporated into the activity.


    You will be actively engaged to:

    (1) Observe how the activity is conducted and render help when necessary

    (2) Encourage residents to participate in the movement by assisting and guiding them

    (3) Instruct and conduct the activity


    Day and time of activity:

    (1) Thursday and Friday (confirmed): 2.30-4.00 pm

    (2) 0ther weekday afternoon (to be confirmed): 2.30-4.00 pm


    For more information, please contact Jiuan Jiuan at 97635391 or


    “It is very heartwarming to see the residents’ faces light up as they participate in the Music and Movement. Research has shown that music reduces anxiety and stress in the elderly, some of whom have behavioural issues due to dementia.  We pray that God will send us more volunteers. Music and movement would then be a regular weekly highlight for more of the Home’s residents.”- Lisa Soh

  • Art Therapy

    We engage the residents in painting where they will have the opportunity to use their fine motor skills and also experience the sense of achievement when a project is completed. The finished product will also brighten up the nursing home and their living space!

  • Sewing

    You can serve in two ways: (1) Conduct sewing activities together with residents with safety implements. Residents will continue to use their fine motor skills and may have a sense of achievement when the project is completed. (2) You can contribute projects in the form of pillow jackets, bibs, sarongs, sensory cushions, mittens etc. This can be done at your own time.

  • Baking

    We call ourselves GraceKitchen and we’re a group of SJSMers who bake and cook to bless residents of the nursing home. Our Master baker shares tested recipes so that we can bake uniform treats for all residents and staff during festive occasions e.g. Easter, Christmas and Nurse’s Day. When Covid restrictions are lifted, we hope to enter the nursing home to bake and cook items like muffins, cookies, dumplings, and stir fry dishes together with the residents.


    Come and join us! We need bakers and cooks who would like to:

    - Bake or cook treats from home to be delivered to the nursing home

    - join a team to go into the nursing home on a weekday to bake/cook with a small group of residents


    Other roles you can play:

    - Join us as a driver to collect and deliver goodies to the nursing home

    - contribute funds for the bakes/cook outs


    For more information, you may contact Li Huan at 90045660 or


    “It’s only by the grace of God that we’re able to bake... and so by His grace, we’ll keep going. While it may seem that we are extending grace as we cook/bake treats for the NH, we are ourselves the recipients of His grace, to be able to do what we are doing. Hence, the name, ‘GraceKitchen’.”

    -Justina Foo


    "The joy you see on the face of a resident enjoying a baked treat is priceless! And we are reminded that the blessings God gives us are the blessings we give to others"

    - Yee Ling

  • Pet Therapy

    - Do you have a calm and sweet natured dog or cat that enjoys interacting with humans? If so, we invite you to join our tribe of pet therapy volunteers! Our key objective is to bring cheer to the nursing home residents by using our pets as a bridge to connect with them.  Some of the residents suffer from dementia, and interaction with our pets (eg., petting them, playing “Fetch”, getting them to perform tricks, etc) will also enable these residents to engage their social, physical and mental capacities a little more, and give them a greater sense of empowerment over their condition. The pet interaction sessions are typically held on a weekday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm.  Get in touch with us now to learn more about how you and your pet can be part of this very meaningful programme!

  • Writing, Photography & Videography

    - Write articles, take photos and/or videos of residents, create montages or videos for the nursing home to use for volunteer or corporate videos. PDPA policies will be explained and observed.


Questions or connect with us:


Contact Ryan Liu, Nursing Home Volunteer Executive, for more information: or call 64307573


Sign up to be a volunteer:


Can’t find an interest group of your choice? Regardless, we warmly welcome volunteers with diverse experiences, skills & walks of life so follow the link to our sign up form & we’ll be happy to connect!


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