The day God met me in a special way – Vera’s story of how she encountered the Holy Spirit of God..

My Story, His Story   |   May 2020

I am Vera and I am 7 yrs old. This is my story. One day, I was in the living room when I heard my mother singing a worship song. She sang it over and over many times. The more I listened to it, the more I wanted Jesus to come into my life and be with me forever. The One True God Since I was very young, my brother Asher and mum taught me that the God of the Bible is our one and only true God. We always praise Him and read the Bible. Then mummy told me that one day, God will meet me in a special way when I will choose Him all by myself, and that He will fill me with the Holy Spirit so that I can be born again. “mummy told me that one day, God will meet me in a special way….” Vera’s mum (Adeline) believes in training up Vera in the ways of God. Born again! When what mummy told me did happen, I waited till devotion time to tell my family about it. When mummy heard this she was so happy and surprised. She went to check the calendar and told me that it was the fifth anniversary of my baptism. This happened on the 23 May 2020. I was baptised on the 23 May 2015. When mummy prayed for me, I was filled with love, joy and happiness that I cried. Vera’s baptism on 23rd May 2015. That night when mummy prayed for me again before bedtime, the feeling of joy and happiness returned to me again and I cried. And I had a very nice dream. I dreamt that Asher and I were two elephants crossing over to another country. Our ears were the tickets to cross. We were told by some huge, strange-looking people to pluck pom-poms from a bag to celebrate our crossing over. I knew then that God had truly brought me into his beautiful kingdom. “… the next time people ask me how I know God is real, I will tell them THIS testimony!” I told mum that the next time people ask me how I know God is real, I will tell them THIS testimony! It was such a memorable time. I would never ever forget it. Today, Vera is not ashamed to proclaim Jesus as her Lord! I hope and pray that all of you will also encounter the Holy Spirit in your own special way. Edited by Ms Tham Peck Hoon

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