TraceTogether-only check-ins will be implemented only after everyone has had a chance to collect a token in their constituencies, and a reasonable period of national distribution is achieved. For now, other methods of SafeEntry when entering the church, such as by scanning NRIC are allowed. If you are not already using the app or token, please make arrangements to download the app or collect the token when available.

Download the TraceTogether mobile app


Collect the TraceTogether Token.

For collection details and links to download the app, visit



From Jan 2021, SJSM will run three weekly onsite English Holy Communion services:


  • Saturday Evening Service, 5 pm - for up to 150 congregants

                                                      (with Junior Church for 20 children)

  • E1 on Sunday, 8.15 am - for up to 200 congregants

                                                      (with Junior Church for 60 children)

  • E2 on Sunday, 11:30 am - for up to 200 congregants

                                                      (with Junior Church for 60 children)


Teen Encounter will resume onsite from 9/10 Jan with similar timings to the above services. Tickets will also be needed for these meetings.


Congregants will still be subject to safe management measures (including safe entry, zoned seating and procedures for dismissal) and everyone will be required to use the TraceTogether token or app (downloadable from:


Ticket booking (and the selection of zones for your seats) is required. This will ensure that families and friends may sit together. Please use the buttons in the banner above to book your tickets.


For elderly who may need help to book a service slot, please contact us at 91357934 for assistance.


Junior Church onsite classes on Sundays are for up to 20 children for Preschool and 40 children for Primary level. Please contact for any inquiries.


Due to the restrictions on safe capacity, entry to church for services is strictly by appointment or ticketing only. Ticket bookings may be cancelled online via link in the confirmation email. If you need help cancelling your tickets, please contact 91357934 for assistance.


Entrance to church is via the car park gate (Dover Crescent). Note that there is limited parking available at the basement carpark. Do consider elderly drivers who might need the spaces more before parking onsite.


For your safety and health, please observe the Congregant Zoning System that will be implemented as follows:


The sanctuary will be divided into three coloured zones

Congregants will have flexibility to book tickets according to designated zones.

  • BLUE ZONE – priority for congregants who have difficulty walking, families with children under 18 mths and/or primary school children attending JC
  • GREEN ZONE – priority for families with toddlers (18 mths and 3 yrs) and/or pre-school children attending junior church
  • PINK/YELLOW ZONE – for all adult congregants

Congregants will be issued with color stickers at the screening station and directed to the zonal entrances and seats.



While attending onsite services, please observe the following for everyone’s safety:


  • Congregants from each zone are not to intermingle with members in the other zones
  • Please use the washrooms at locations as directed by the hosts
  • Following the service, please leave the hall as directed and follow the signs to the exits
  • Please sit at the sections of pews or chairs that are not marked to maintain safe distances.
  • Keep at least 1 metre from each other when queueing for communion, ministry and when leaving the sanctuary.
  • Keep your masks on at all times except as directed during communion.
  • Minimize interaction before and after the service.
  • Parents picking up children from JC are to maintain safe distances from each other.
  • Congregants are encouraged to sit in groups up to five in available seating spaces.
  • Note that congregants seated in each zone are not allowed to cross over to the other zone.
  • Congregants are requested to use the washrooms at separate locations as directed by the hosts.
  • Following the service, please follow directions to exit the sanctuary and the church compound.


Vulnerable seniors and those with health conditions of concern are encouraged to continue to participate through online services and smaller group gatherings instead of these onsite services. Safeguarding our wellbeing is a collective effort so let's all to our part and avoid crowds unless necessary.


Note that the following will be implemented when you come for the services:

  1. Please produce your ticket (printed or electronic) for capacity control purposes.
  2. SafeEntry Check In and Out system will be deployed at the screening station at the car park. Please have your mobile scanners or NRIC ready.
  3. Observe queue lines and maintain safe distance from each other (except for families).
  4. Have your temperature screened as directed.
  5. You will be issued a zonal color coupon and directed to the entrance of the sanctuary
  6. Entry and exit routes for the zones to/from the service halls are marked. Please follow signs and directions provided.
  7. Please wear masks at all times while in church and minimize physical interactions with others.

APOLOGIES:   The church will not be able to admit those who are found unwell (fever or flu-like symptoms); have a temperature of 38C or higher;  had been in close contact with confirmed case in the past 14 days; or under quarantine, isolation order, stay home notice or medical certificate for respiratory illness.


(after 16 Oct)

Since 16 Jun, the Chapel has been available for booking between Wednesday and Friday for a group of up to 5 people for a private time of worship and prayer. Due to low demand, this will be discontinued by Friday, 16 Oct (the last day for booking of the venue).


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