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Our annual magazine (previously called Light Magazine) chronicles the highlights of the past year with the objectives of:


  • THANKSGIVING – To remind SJSMers about the significant events of the past year that they have participated in and to give thanks for the blessings God has bestowed.
  • CONNECTEDNESS – To be aware of what God is doing in other parts of our sizeable and growing community and deepen our sense of belonging.
  • DISCERNMENT – To draw lessons from our journey over the past year and apply them to our present and future.


As we read the articles that follow, may we be encouraged towards grateful thanksgiving as we reflect on how God has blessed our church.


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Seasons of Life

Seasons of Life (SOL) is an in-house publication of St. John’s - St. Margaret’s Church Family Life Ministry. Published twice yearly and now made available online, SOL largely features stories of SJSMers and friends whose lives have been touched by God’s hand. Usually built around families, these stories serve to show that regardless of season or station of life, God’s light can shine through each of us when we journey with Him in faith and love.

Read the latest edition of Seasons of Life below:

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