Despite a world that is increasingly, almost incessantly, connected, men in particular are the worse off for it. Whether it is due to the way we are wired or simply how the world perceives men, Christian men too are not spared from loneliness and more worryingly, aloneness. This session, Michael shares why aloneness can be a snare for the Christian man, why brothers are necessary as both an iron to sharpen iron and also a foil against the wiles of the enemy.



Theme: Journeying as God’s Men

Session Two: 6th March, 8-10pm (Dinner from 7pm)

Topic: Men & Loneliness

Speaker: Michael Tan

Venue: Bethel auditorium


Note: From 2020, men4men will no longer meet the first Saturday of each month. Instead it will switch to Friday evenings & coincide with cell mentoring on the second week of our SJSM cell rhythm.



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