Ash Wednesday Services • 2 Mar • 8pm (onsite)

Title: Remember the Beginning

Speaker: Revd Dino Thangamany

Text: John 8:1-11; Joel 2:1-2; 12-17


Tamil Service

Venue: Bethel Auditorium

Speaker: Revd Solomon Periyanayakam


The 40-day preparatory season (excluding Sundays) of Lent stretches from Ash Wednesday to the Saturday before Palm Sunday. It is the liturgical season of fasting and penitence that calls to mind Christ’s 40-day fast and temptation in the wilderness.


Limited print copies of the Bible Society's Lent Devotional is available for those who need them. Digital copies are available at $3 each, excluding GST, from the Bible Society's website at


Hear what Bishop Dr Titus Chung, our diocesan bishop, has to say to us as the Church approach Lent, a solemn period of reflection for Christians around the world.


Let us spend this 40-day period meaningfully and bear fruit for the Kingdom of God.


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