While gatherings are suspended and we stay home to do our part in curbing the spread of COVID-19, we want to help you and your children continue to journey in discipleship together in your homes. Therefore, we will be providing weekly guides with linked resources that you may use in your time with your children. These weekly guides will be emailed to you as well listed here for you to download.


A Facebook group has also been created where we hope you will join and use as a platform where our community of JC parents can interact.

To join, log into your existing Facebook account, search for "SJSM KIDS@HOME" and request to join.


If you need help with or any inquiries, please email


Praying with you for fruitful and enjoyable times with your children at home!


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We are looking for individuals with a heart to plant faith in our little ones (3-6 years old).  There are four levels of help to get involved in (see table below), so there's a role for everyone.


Lead Teacher

Assistant Teacher

Team Member:

Worship Leader

Team Member:

Group Facilitators

Lead Teacher (LT)

  • Anchor the lesson of the week which includes preparing and planning for the programme.
  • Plan rostering schedule with team and communicate with team and staff IC.
  • Communicate lesson plan and discuss team responsibilities with Assistant Teacher (AT).
  • Work with the staff IC to provide pastoral care and support to team & children.
  • Communicate with parents (positive feedback, announcement, take home crafts/handouts).

Assistant Teacher (AT)

  • Work closely with the Lead Teacher
  • Co-anchor lessons & prepare activities to support learning objectives.
  • Brief team members on their responsibilities.
  • Prepare supporting materials (with help from group facilitators) for activities during small/large group settings.
  • Support the LT in showing pastoral care and support to team and children.

Team Member: Worship Leader

  • Plan and prepare worship and offertory songs.
  • Lead children in quieting down and saying opening prayers.
  • Learn and update repertiore of children's songs.

Team member: Group Facilitators (for different activities eg crafts, discussion, etc)

  • Support AT to get materials ready for activities during small/large group settings. E.g. crafts, prayers, activities, discussions, etc.
  • Facilitate teaching and help children with the activities.
  • Pray with children and show support to children.
  • Engage children in tidying up.
  • Observe and provide positive and constructive feedback.
  • Coordinate with Parent Partners to provide food items.

About the Ministry

The Junior Church Ministry is spearheaded by the children's ministry pastoral staff and supported by a pool of dedicated volunteers. Together, they work in partnership with parents, to reach and teach children from ages 3 to 12 years old, in such a way that they have the greatest opportunity to become fully developing followers of Christ. Working in teams, we influence the children through mentoring and caring relationships within age bands. In the various age-bands, led by an adult leader, the children build upon their understanding of God's Word as well as maximise their learning of faith lessons.

Please email for any other queries.

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Address:  St.John's-St.Margaret's Church

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