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  Confirmation Course

The Holy Spirit & Evangelism

DATE & TIME: 27 Mar 2021, 2-3.45PM



Course Description:

In evangelism, we have moments where we seek the Lord for wisdom on how to proceed. Sometimes a word of knowledge is the key to unlock conversations and establish rapport.  Come and learn how we can mature in Word and Spirit for discernment and service as we trust Jesus to give us fresh power and love to be living witnesses for Him.


You will hear the biblical teaching on the role of The Holy Spirit, specifically the gift of Word of Knowledge and its role and application in evangelism. You will hear testimonies of how Word of Knowledge is instrumental in establishing rapport for evangelism. We will incorporate a practicum to support each other and deepen each other's faith. And a follow-up session via ZOOM on 29th March from 8 - 9.30 pm is being arranged to support the learning process.  This practicum is voluntary. We recognise this as a learning journey and we are taking baby steps of faith to let Christ shine through us. Participants are encouraged to simply live out that lifestyle of love in Christ and trust the Holy Spirit to lead us to opportunities to testify of His goodness and bless others.



Ps Andrew Raman currently worships and serves at St John's - St. Margaret's church.  He has a desire to catch God's heart for people. He desires to hear God's voice and be led by the Spirit in all aspects of life and ministry.  He makes it his passion to live it out as a mission unto the Lord, bringing ministry unto salvation, healings, miracles, signs and wonders.


Wilson Barnabas Koh is passionate to see people healed from all kinds of sicknesses and diseases after he was radically healed from an incurable, autoimmune disease that had left him immobile and bedridden for some time.

He's seeing people healed, delivered and ministered to almost every day, as he lives out the kingdom lifestyle everywhere he goes. As an ordinary believer, he believes that every believer can represent Jesus and the Gospel everywhere you go. Read more about Wilson Barnabas Koh at





Confirmation Course: 21 Mar to 8 May


If you wish to be confirmed in the Anglican Church and become a member of SJSM, registration for the

Confirmation Course is now open.


Class details:

21 & 28 Mar, 11 & 18 Apr @ 2–3.30pm (Zoom)

Confirmation Retreat:

Sat, 8 May @ 2.30–4pm (onsite)

Confirmation Service:

Sun, 23 May (E2)


Register by 14 Mar at,

after which information on required documents will be provided; enquiries can be emailed to



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Know the Word Online – Book of Job

KTW Online will resume in January 2021 with an in-depth study of the book of Job via Zoom! There will be both lectures and discussion groups.


Dates:              Jan 26, Feb 2, 9, 16, Mar 2, 9, 16, Apr 6, 13, 27, May 4 (11 Tuesdays)

Time:                8-9.45pm

Instructors:  Dr. Low Kee Hwa and Dr. Lee Chien Earn


Please click the banner above to register or go to Registrations close on Jan 17, 2021. For enquiries, please write to


As the course will be delivered on the Zoom platform, please ensure that you have the Zoom app downloaded on your laptop or mobile device from


Course Synopsis

People turn to the book of Job when they encounter suffering, but all too often they find it unsatisfying. They think that the book will explain why they or their loved ones are suffering or why there is so much suffering in the world. But they often find no such answers. In Know the Word, we will explore the book of Job together and discover that the book is more about God than about Job; it is more about wisdom than about suffering and hopefully we will see suffering and God from a different light.


About the Instructors

Dr. Low Kee Hwa has been a member of SJSM since 1992. He is very much a learner at heart and takes pleasure in sharing what he has learned with others. A chance reading of a book on Job illuminated his mind and inspired his heart. He hopes this KTW Job class will do the same for its participants.


Dr. Lee Chien Earn has been a member of SJSM for more than 20 years. He enjoys reading and sharing what he has learnt. He considers it a privilege to able to explore the timely and timeless message of the book of Job with the class.

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