Personal Evangelism

13 March (Sat)|2-3.45pm Via Zoom

Guest speaker: Wilson Barnabas Koh

Come and learn how to practically present the Gospel and handle objections. Be equipped with helpful methods and approaches.

- How to practically present the Gospel and handle objections

- Helpful methods and approaches


The Holy Spirit & Evangelism

Main session on 27 March (Sat)| 2-3.45pm | Bethel Auditorium

Post-event session on 29 March (Mon) |8-9:30pm via Zoom

Guest speakers: Ps Andrew Raman & Wilson Barnabas Koh

Sometimes a word of knowledge is the key to unlock conversations and establish rapport with unbelievers. Come and learn how we can mature in Word and Spirit for discernment and witnessing for Jesus Christ



Equip and awaken believers to operate in identity and freedom as sons and daughters of Father God, to boldly walk out their faith just as Jesus did.

Evangelism Talk Series

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