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Administrator (Admin & Events)

Job Description


Duties & Responsibilities:

Manage administrative duties for events management and worship services


- Administrative duties for events management

  • plan and prepare Gantt chart/timeline for church wide events
  • liaison with vendors and ministries
  • collaboration with internal ministries for manpower needs
  • conduct briefing for members’ volunteers
  • Assist the operations team in Ad hoc events or church wide events.

- Administrative duties for worship services include

  • support regular weekend services
  • performing duties at the Info Desk
  • preparing schedules for worship and preaching, and sacristy teams
  • supporting church level events and services (e.g. Lent and Advent season)


Our Requirements:

- Minimum GCE “A” level or Diploma equivalent

- Minimum of 5 years administrative & events management experience

- Strong spoken and written communication skills are required to collaborate with various key ministries

- Able to work well in a team as well as independently, and under tight timelines

- Proficient in MS Office Applications


CVs with supporting documents and relevant referees should be sent to:

Facilities Officer (part-time)

Job Description


Primary duties and responsibilities:


  • Support the Team Lead in planning and scheduling of maintenance and servicing contracts.
  • Provide oversight to ensure contractors working on site are doing work safely and in accordance with requirements of the service agreement or contract.
  • Carry out regular inspections of the building, services, and M&E equipment to ensure they are in serviceable condition, safe for use and secure.
  • Respond to site fire, medical and other emergencies as per established protocol.
  • Carry out regular inspections to maintain serviceability of emergency response equipment and ensure supplies are within expiry dates.
  • Support the various ministries in terms of booking and access to venues, and logistics as per established protocol including wakes, weddings, church wide events.


Secondary duties and responsibilities:


  • Support Team Lead in reviewing facilities related SOPs.
  • Perform any other facilities and security related work as assigned by the Team Lead.
  • Support access control of facilities during a pandemic.


Our Requirements

  • Minimum ITE education in engineering.
  • 3-5 yrs working experience in facilities operations and maintenance.
  • Familiar with building safety requirements, electrical & mechanical works.
  • Working knowledge of MS office such as outlook, word document, excel spreadsheet and powerpoint.
  • Good teamwork and interpersonal skills.


CVs with supporting documents and relevant referees should be sent to:

Cell Zone Pastors

Job Description


Primary duties and responsibilities:


1. Effect Discipleship:

  • To disciple, equip and support Assistant Cell Zone Pastors in the development of their leaders and members to be a fruitful tree in maturity (loving God and growing in Christlikeness), mission (living out the Great Commission) and ministry (living out the Great Commandment to love other and serve others).
  • To ensure that the discipleship postures, priorities and processes are implemented intentionally.
  • To be key mobiliser and enabler in mobilizing cluster to connect to the discipleship ecosystem.
  • To identify the need for discipleship in cells, know what is needed, and know how to motivate people to bring fruitfulness and growth.


2. Provide Pastoral Care:

  • To support Assistant Cell Zone Pastors in the pastoral care of their leaders, zone members and non-zone members referred.
  • Fundamental pastoral care will include encouraging, exhorting, admonishing and counselling.
  • The pastoral care covers the whole life cycle from cradle to grave. It will include home visitation, hospital visitation, bereavement, practical care, crisis intervention, pastoral counselling and referral.


3. Provide Spiritual Leadership:

  • To dream and provide the vision and direction for the zone align to the enduring and Jubilee vision of the church and cell.
  • To discern, plan and lead strategically through growth pathways provided by the discipleship ecosystem. This may include coordinating, setting faith targets and solving problems.
  • To develop and mentor Assistant Cell Zone Pastors, Cell Leaders and zone coordinators to work with unity of purpose in a sustained commitment to the common purpose of cells discipleship.
  • To identify, mentor and develop new Assistant Cell Zone Pastors and Cell Leaders in collaboration with the Spiritual Formation Group.
  • To mentor and help in cell multiplication.


Secondary duties and responsibilities:

  • Assist in the weekend services as Service Pastors, Assistant Service Pastor, Prayer Companion, Lay-reader or Host team.
  • Preach/teach at different settings when called upon.
  • Any other duties as assigned by Vicar’s Office.


Our Requirements

  • Theological Diploma or Degree preferred.
  • 3-5 year experience in being a cell leader or lay cell pastor.
  • Recognised level of pastoral heart, spiritual stature, wisdom and leadership.
  • Able to work independently without much supervision.
  • Able to work well with all levels of people.
  • Able to mentor and develop lay cell pastors and leaders.
  • Able to serve out of a strong devotional (inner) life and domestic life (ie marriage, family or singleness).
  • Able to model the standard in loving the Lord, growing in holiness, prayerfulness, knowing the Word, exercising the gifts of the Spirit and moving in faith.
  • Able to own, communicate and pursue the vision of the Church as he/she leads the flock under his/her charge ie devote himself/herself to the Lord’s work here in SJSM.
  • Able to commit himself/herself to working with and relating well to the Vicar and other co-leaders in the Church.


CVs with supporting documents and relevant referees should be sent to:


Please note that the typical work week in a church environment is:

Tue – Fri             0900 to 1800

Sat – Sun            0900 to 1300

Mon                    Day off


Due to the nature of serving in church, some roles require work in the evenings.


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