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1.      If someone wants to get baptised, what needs to be done? Who can he/she contact?

They can register their intention

-          By submitting the Enquiry for Baptism form which is available at the Info Desk (weekends) or the Reception Office (weekdays); or

-          By contacting the Baptism Coordinating Centre (BCC) at


2.      What are the pre-requisites for baptism?

The baptism candidate must believe that Jesus Christ died for his/her sins and accept Him as Lord and Saviour.


3.      Is a pastoral interview still needed before baptism?

Yes. A Cell Pastor or Cell Leader or Pastoral Staff will do the interview.


4.      Do the candidates still need to do the baptism course i.e. New Life in Christ 1A (NLC1A)?

Yes, but they will do it in the cell using the portable NLC1A. They can be baptised first before completing this course.


5.      Who can conduct the NLC1A with the candidate? Does this person need training?

Any mature Christian can facilitate NLC1A with the candidate e.g. Church Staff, Cell Pastors, Cell Leaders or mature cell members assigned by the Cell Leader. Training may not be needed to facilitate NLC1A as it is based on the New Life Kit which is designed to be used by new Christians. However, the BCC will be happy to provide any advice and guidance to those who are conducting the NLCIA.


6.      Must all candidates be a member of a cell group to be baptised?

Yes. If they are not member of a cell, they can contact the BCC who will assist them to connect with a cell.


7.      When can the candidates be baptised?

The candidates can indicate their preferred dates. It can be after any English service (SES, E1, E2) except on certain dates stated in the Baptism Preferred Dates form.


8.      Who is part of the Baptism Coordination Centre (BCC) team?

Richard Lau, Kok Weng, Michelle and Cindy

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